Thanksgiving Church Services 2019

On October 11th, Talsi Christian Secondary School was celebrating Thanksgiving day with two wonderful church services. The first church service (grade 1-6) was opened by the youngest bell ensemble’s group. Later, the students sang songs «I Believe» and «Jesus At The Center». Two sketces were shown, the main message of which was to think about how much pain we do to each other not noticing that we hurt Jesus himself.

The second church service was also led by the pastor of Talsi Church «Dzīvā Ūdens Straumes», Aivars Straume, but teacher Aija Valgelina testified about God’s work in her life. The church was filled with beautiful songs and bell sounds. Students from grades 10 to 12 sketched the importance of telling the truth and not gossiping, which made everyone who was present reflect on their choices before it is too late.

We are grateful for this beautiful afternoon spent in a spiritual reflection.

Asnate Feldmane