Handicap Children’s meeting

God has blessed Talsi Christian school with handicapped accessible facilities. TCS still is the only one handicapped accessible Christian high school in whole country. Once a month TCS invites handicapped children and their mums to school for a fellowship. These children because of their illness can’t come to school on everyday bases and usually they have to stay at home and have no friends.
This is why coming to TCS is a special event for them. TCS students play with them, we pray; teach about God, do crafts together. Mums can meet each other, share their joys and difficulties. We have snacks and everybody feels accepted and appreciated. The last meeting was on October 30th when kids made Christmas cards that will be taken to the States to say thank you to American friends.

Handicap Adult’s meeting

God has blessed us with the opportunity to serve handicapped adults in the Talsi area. We invite handicapped people to our school because this give them an opportunity to have fellowship together as there is no other facility in the area that is able to accommodate them. These people are usually the poor of our society; our cooks prepare them a meal, our kids give them a program; and we always share Jesus with them.

Charity project “From heart to heart”

“From heart to heart” is a three day long seminar in which the participants receive, while listening to useful lectures, and also give a lot to others, participating in cleanups, doing home visits, giving out sponsored food packages and other gifts. It is a great opportunity to witness joy through serving others and to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.
The project started in 2011 when a few of Talsi Christian school students felt the call to help people outside of school. The first project took place in Talsi and gathered 17 young people willing to serve. To this day, there have been 11 projects with countless participants. All together we have helped around 220 families and 120 retirees.

Serving in Women and Children’s Crisis Centre and “Kāķīši” orphanage

Student council has also started a serving project in Kāķīši orphanage and Women and Children’s Crisis Centre. They visit children a few times in a month to spend time with them, play games, tell a Bible story, sing songs and do crafts.

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