About us


Talsi Christian School was opened on the September1st, 1995 with five teachers for 37 students in 1st – 4th grades

Today there are 280 students and 25 teachers, grades 1-12. TCS has finished the first wheelchair accessible school building in the whole western part of the country. This is a meeting place for handicapped adults as well as children and provides a great witnessing opportunity to these people. This school building gives us new opportunities to work with orphans and the youth of Talsi. All these miraculous things could happen only because of generous help from American Christians. We pray and hope that God will bless our relationships because His work in Latvia is not yet done. People in Latvia need Jesus. We pray that God will use TCS and American Christians to win souls for Him and to help Latvian children have hope for the future.

Children’s monthly church services were started by TCS as a new Christian tradition in Talsi. These church services are widely attended by public school students, teachers, parents, relatives, and church members.

Our school building is friendly for physically handicapped children and can meet their educational needs. It gives great opportunities to reach other physically handicapped people because the school building will be used as a meeting place for them. The development project all has been completed except for the outdoor exercise area. TCS is accredited through the 12th grade by the Latvian Education Department. TCS has been ranked as # 1 high school academically in the country amoung small high schools.

The school is growing and we are out of the room. We have to expand or we have to say „no” to those students who want to receive a Christian education. In oder to keep TCS doors opened we have to match the government requirements about science labs – our existing labs are out of the date; We are in the fundraising process right now.
For 20 years God has provided for TCS. Each time we are faced with a new challenge, the challenge gets bigger. This is our biggest one yet. We need another classroom and lab wing in order to allow those who want a Christian education to receive it. We have been told by our architect that the cost to build the wing and will be $ 1.m. The architect is currently completing the plans.


  1. TCS would provide the solid academic education based on Christian principals.
  2. TCS would give opportunity for physically handicapped children to get an education according with the Latvian educational standards because this is not an option for them at this time.
  3. TCS would provide the facility for physically handicapped adults to gather together for different Christian and educational activities.
  4. TCS would be used as a base to provide a Christian education and practical life skills for orphans.
  5. TCS would be used as a base for different Christian education training seminars and camps for the youth, students, orphans and adults during summer or school holidays.
  6. TCS would strengthen cooperative work between Latvian and American Christians in different areas – emphasizing the importance of Christian education for children and adults and showing the fruit through action.
  7. In the summer time we are planning to have Christian Orphan, Youth camps and VBS where American and Latvian young adults would serve together to minister to the young people in the Talsi Community.
  8. The goal of TCS is to turn Latvia from a former communist country into a Christian country by training and educating Christian leaders. We now have in Latvia students who have gone through TCS and the camps who are doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, businessmen and women. We have missionaries, preachers, youth leaders and many others who have dedicated their lives to serving Christ.