Inter-provincial educational puzzle game «I AM WISE!»

On the afternoon of November 12, the first inter-provincial educational puzzle game «I AM WISE!» was held in the Great Hall of the Talsi People’s House.

The event was dedicated to the 101st anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia – 70 different questions about and around Latvia were asked, some of which also reflected our city – Talsi. In the intense competition between teams from 13 other schools, Talsi Christian Secondary School’s team – teacher Vilnis Zarakauskis, Madara Balandina (grade 7), Edvarts Uzulnieks (grade 8), Agnese Imandra Rozenberga (grade 9b), Marta Kalāce (grade 11) and Asnate Feldmane (grade 12) – won the first prize. Thanks for the great teamwork and time to participate. We can!

Asnate Feldmane