Christmas events

04.01.2017 at 21:56

To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, on the 20th of December in Talsi Evangelical Lutheran Church there was a festive church service, where all TCS students, teachers, staff members and students’ parents were gathered. In this church service we heard a story about how Jesus was born, while we also heard school’s musical associations’ performances. Priest Māris Ludviks and the headmistress of TCS, Inguna Gruzniņa, spoke to all the welcomed.

After the church service, in the gym of TCS there was the 13th ceremony of Oscars and the 7th Christmas ball, where students from grades 5 to 12 as well as their parents were welcomed, to end this semester with especially good feelings. There were served awards in 15 different nominations.

“The highest average grade of primary school”, “The highest average grade in high school”, “The sharpest “acceleration” in studies”, “Student’s wittiest saying”, “Teacher’s wittiest saying”, “The most responsive parent”, “The most musical student”, “I had no idea”, “Teacher’s translator”, “Lightning conductor”, “The most positive student”, “The most merciful student” and “My teacher”.

After the ceremony of Oscars, everyone had fun in the 7th Christmas ball. All the participants of the ball received some lottery tickets and at the end of the ball participated in a lottery. The lottery prizes were prepared by entrepreneurs of Talsi and “4:13 Ministries”.