The memorial event of Barricades

03.02.2017 at 21:59

On 27 January in TCS there was happening the memorial event of Barricades. Students had a chance to refresh their knowledges about the time of Barricades. Now it’s a tradition that the eldest students of TCS are visiting the youngest ones to tell them about significant historical events in Latvia. On this year, students from grade 12 were visiting students from grades 1 to 5. They had prepared a narration, presentation, songs, film fragments and some activities too, to understandably tell the children about these recent events in Latvia’s history.

Students from 6 to 11 had this event in the new prayer room, where they had an opportunity to listen in the experienced things of Inese Makstniece, a withess and participant of barricades near TV Tower of Zaķusala.

In the honor of the 26th anniversary of Barricades, this event was started by TCS history teacher’s Kristīne Neifelde’s speech. Our knowledges about barricades were refreshed by Artis Einštāls, a student from grade 12. As we all know, in the time of Barricades Latvians were especially united and they sang out their unity and patriotism. This time two students from grade 12 – Ivanda Stepka and Agate Kniploka – were gladdening us with their musical performance “Help, Lord”. In the end of the event we collectively sang a song “Here is Latvia”.

We are a small nation on the map, but a big one in each of the Latvian’s hearts! Let’s be kind, helpful to each other, and, the most important – let’s be united!