Teachers’ Day 2019

On October 4th, our school hosted Teachers’ Day events. The students in each class had come up with interesting and creative ways to spend time with teachers within one lesson. Students from grade 1 congratulated their teacher Ginita Petrovica with wishes attached to bright and colorful maple leaves. Grade 2 and 3 students greetes their teachers Ligita Treimane and Guntra Jansone with questions about their childhood, favorite subjects and other questions of interest to children. Grade 4 congratulated their teacher Sigeta Naudiņa with apricot muffins and other homemade gifts. Grade 5b students greeted their teacher Linda Brunava with a theatrical exclamation, while grade 5b students greeted their beloved teacher Santa Krūmiņa with roses and songs the children had learned. Grade 6a allowed their teacher Gundega Paure to play the role of a real lady with a fan and a hat for a moment, but grade 6b delighted teacher Anita Orehova with cookies, juice and candles. Grade 7 students tested their teacher’s Kristīne Vecbērza’s wit with tricky questions. Grade 8 had provided champagne and marshmallows to enjoy while watching the movie with their teacher Anda Bernāte. Grade 9a teacher Lienīte Gūtmane was introduced to the tasting of different meals, while grade 9b entertained their teacher Edgars Kviesis with questions and puzzles. Teachers Alla Ankmane and Sigita Rathena enjoyed elaborate cocktails and travel videos together with grade 10. Kristīne Neifelde, the teacher of grade 11, was greeted with a theatrical performance and various games. Students of grade 12 delighted teachers Vilnis Zarakauskis and Aija Valgelina with tea, chocolate cake and heart-warming conversations about life.

After these events in school, all teachers went to celebrate the holiday outside the school.

Asnate Feldmane