Teachers day

On October 13, 2017, Talsi Christian schools teachers and staff were charmed by the annual teachers day event. This years main theme was for each guest to become a king or queen.

This years teachers day event was held at Dundagas palace, where the teachers and employees were greeted with ceremonially decorated court halls and lavishly prepared tables with delicious food. Many of our students served our schools staff and gave them musical performances plus fairytale related tasks. On the way to Dundagas palace, some student council members read stories to our schools staff, making them reenact the story with movements to establish a fairytale ambiance.

Entering the castle to attend the royal ball, teachers and school staff performed four tasks relating to the story of Cinderella. Without talking, the staff tried to find out each others shoe sizes, arranged pictures of the Cinderella fairy tale in the correct order, sorted two-colored bean piles and dressed students in plastic bags for the ball.

When the tasks were completed, teachers and staff alike enjoyed the meals prepared by our schools families and the ballrooms decorations by our student council, while the students regaled everyone with their musical performances. During the concert, everyone heard a story of a King and a boy, who found each other through faith. Later each staff member was given a crown as a gift with the intent that teachers are the ones who shape us for the future. After the concert, teachers and staff joined in conversation with smiles on their faces.

The teachers day event in Talsi Christian school has gone by pleasantly, beautifully and warm.