School Parliament night

15.09.2016 at 19:50

An active school year starting the School Parliament also has started to work actively. On 8th September in school there was happening the annual School Parliament night of ideas. But before that every person wanting to be in the School Parliament had to hand in a motivation letter. In the School Parliament night youth had the time to generate ideas for the closest happenings in this semester. During the night everyone voted for this years School Parliament’s new chairman and vice chairman. After the votes had been counted Luanda Miķelsone (grade 11) became the new School Parliament’s chairman and Līga Sidere (grade 12) became the vice chairman. This year the secretary duties will be fulfilled by Grēta Štrauha (grade 12). Grēta Štrauha also became the leader of the christian comission.  Leader of the culture and sports comission became Krista Bodniece (grade 12) and the leader for the information comission became Kristiāna Sniedziņa (grade 11). During the night among all the youngsters there was commonwealth and happiness about the rest that’s yet to come and the following  events.