School Parliament Night of Ideas 2019

School Parliament’s chairman Emīlija Estere Panteļejeva (in the middle), her deputy Niks Grosbahs (on the left) and secretary Niks Feifers (on the right).

At the start of the new school year, the School Parliament has also returned to its work. On September 13, the annual School Parliament Night of Ideas took place, where all of the school’s hard-working and active students were appointed to very important positions. Emīlija Estere Panteļejeva, a 12th grade student, was elected the new School Parliament’s chairman and Niks Grosbahs (11th grade) became her deputy. Niks Feifers (grade 10) will serve as a secretary this year. During the School Parliament Night of Ideas, there was a mutual fellowship among the youngsters, and the first ideas of the festivities and events were already told. The School Parliament is already planning events for the nearest future, so this year could also be creative and eventful.

Asnate Feldmane