School Parliament night

An active school year starting the School Parliament also has started to work actively. On 8th September in school there was happening the annual School Parliament night of ideas. But before that every person wanting to be in the School Parliament had to hand in a motivation letter. In the School Parliament night youth had the time to generate ideas for the closest happenings in this semester. During the night everyone voted for this years School Parliament’s new chairman and vice chairman. After the votes had been counted Luanda Miķelsone (grade 11) became the new School Parliament’s chairman and Līga Sidere (grade 12) became the vice chairman. This year the secretary duties will be fulfilled by Grēta Štrauha (grade 12). Grēta Štrauha also became the leader of the christian comission.  Leader of the culture and sports comission became Krista Bodniece (grade 12) and the leader for the information comission became Kristiāna Sniedziņa (grade 11). During the night among all the youngsters there was commonwealth and happiness about the rest that’s yet to come and the following  events.

1st September 2016

On 1st September Talsi Christian school celebrated the first day of school. Service of the beginning of the school year was taking place in the Talsi sports hall where the prospective TCS students and their parents, teachers and employees were invited to. Līga Sidere (grade 12), Āris Ankmanis (grade 12) and Emīlija Panteļejeva (grade 9) – students of the school started the service with a musical performance. The audience was speaked to by the evangelist of the Talsi lutheran church Agnis Liepiņš and the TCS principal Inguna Gruzniņa. There were 268 students starting the school year and 22 of them are going to start grade 1. At the end of the service the principal introduced everyone with the first graders and their parents. Afterwards the students of grade 12 walked first graders to the school. Then the rest of the students with their teachers followed them and everyone had their first lesson of the school year. May you have a blessed 2016-2017 school year!

Christmas card shop

Talsi Christian School is a testimony of Christian love around the world – we can keep the doors of TCS open because of prayers and donations of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We teach our students to be thankful for this and our students try to help school in whatever way they can.
For years our students and their parents have been making Christmas cards. People from churches in America purchase these cards in exchange for donations and it helps our school to continue our ministry.

Teachers’ day

In Latvia the first Sunday of October is Teacher’s day, a time when students say thank you to their teachers. This year the students of TCS surprised our teachers by inviting them to a concert at the church with the best acoustics in Latvia. It is a small countryside church near Talsi with a beautiful Altar Picture. Students had decorated the church with candles and flowers and the pastor who is the father of one of our students encouraged teachers’ hearts with wonderful message about Teachers mission on this Earth…

20th anniversary of TCS

The 3rd of October was a big day for Talsi Christian School – we celebrated our 20th anniversary! We thanked God for His blessings at the church service at the Talsi Lutheran church and we had a great fellowship time with the alumni’s and teachers at TCS. One of the best moments of the night was when ex-students of TCS gave their testimonies, how God had changed their lives through Talsi Christian School. We are blessed to see the fruit of His Kingdom!