Musically Educational Lesson

On Tuesday, October 15th, Talsi Christian Secondary School’s gym was filled with children songs, composed by Raimonds Pauls.
Musically educational lesson was created by grade 11 and teacher Kristīne Broka-Meļķe for students of grades 1 to 6. At the beginning of the music lesson, students were introduced to the legendary Latvian composer R. Pauls, after which each class sang their favorite song by the Latvian maestro.

Asnate Feldmane

The Friendly Invitation Foundation’s School Rating 2019

«The Friendly Invitation is a bridge to the free state of Latvia,
the continuation of its ideals today. This is the path to moral society.»
(M. Zālīte)

The Friendly Invitation Foundation has been organizing major campaigns and giving awards since 1994, the main purpose of which remains to improve the quality of education. The awards are given to various schools in Latvia which have received particularly high marks in the centralized exams between the beginning of the previous school year and the beginning of the current school year. Talsi Christian Secondary School can also be proud of this year’s award in the School Rating competition. Five representatives from Talsi Christian Secondary School leadership are invited to attend the prize giving ceremony on November 25, 14.00 in the Ziedonis Hall (Ziedoņa zāle) of the National Library of Latvia, Mūkusalas Street 3, Riga.

We are proud to be side by side with 13 other high schools in Latvian cities, and we thank our outstanding teachers for their perseverance and time in educating wise and knowledgeable young people.

Asnate Feldmane

The Consecration of Young High School Students 2019

As usual every autumn, this year’s October was no different – from October 14 to 17 there was the consecration of young high school students in the high school. In order for the 10th grade students to be ordained and prepared for the difficult journey of high school, the 12th grade students had prepared enough challenging activities that through these four days, each tenth grade student could consider themselve a full-fledged high school student.

Grade 12 pupils consecrated young high schoolers by a path that, literally and figuratively, led «through thorns to the stars.» The route included motorcycle rides across the cold Alpine ridge, finding shady areas and water on a sweltering safari, and breaking through a jungle on an abandoned island near the coast of Brazil. Adequate penalties were imposed on the juniors for any misrepresentation or overdue activity. These exercises strengthened grade 10 both as a team and improved the individual skills of each student to cope with atypical situations.

On Thursday, the closing day of the consecration, young high school students received certificates confirming that they were officially enrolled in high school, while Alla Ankmane, their teacher, was elected a certified high school teacher. After receiving the certificates, the junior high school class, along with the most experienced twelfths and teachers of both classes, spent the afternoon sipping tea and enjoying time together.

We wish these young people to strengthen the fighting spirit and friendship links even more, so that during these three years they would not be frightened and stopped by the new school subjects or final exams!

Asnate Feldmane

Thanksgiving Church Services 2019

On October 11th, Talsi Christian Secondary School was celebrating Thanksgiving day with two wonderful church services. The first church service (grade 1-6) was opened by the youngest bell ensemble’s group. Later, the students sang songs «I Believe» and «Jesus At The Center». Two sketces were shown, the main message of which was to think about how much pain we do to each other not noticing that we hurt Jesus himself.

The second church service was also led by the pastor of Talsi Church «Dzīvā Ūdens Straumes», Aivars Straume, but teacher Aija Valgelina testified about God’s work in her life. The church was filled with beautiful songs and bell sounds. Students from grades 10 to 12 sketched the importance of telling the truth and not gossiping, which made everyone who was present reflect on their choices before it is too late.

We are grateful for this beautiful afternoon spent in a spiritual reflection.

Asnate Feldmane

October – Four-legged Friends’ Month

From September to October, each student at Talsi Christian School was given the opportunity to donate dog and cat food, as well as warm blankets and pillows to be passed on to animals craving for some treats or new, soft sleeping arrangements in the autumn. On the morning of October 5th, members of the School Parliament, along with its leader Alla Ankmane, went to the Talsi Municipal Animal Shelter «Ausma» to caress and delight at least some of the little four-legged friends.

Together we are grateful for each donated food pack or blanket!

Asnate Feldmane