Lip Sync Battle

04.03.2017 at 18:11

On the 1st of March, 2017, Talsi Christian Secondary School’s gym was acquired gorgeous and solemn presentation, because there was an annual song contest  – school’s Pop – street. To make the event interesting, solemn and different, this year’s Pop – street had Eurovision Song Contest theme. Within three weeks students were able to prepare one of the raffle songs, the best and amusing Eurovision songs of all time.

All classes had prepared magnificent performances that were made with great job. On the stage, visitors saw artists from all over the world. The event was opened by group “Bucks Fizz” with their song “Making Your Mind Up”. They were also the presenters – Līga Sidere (grade 12), Luanda Miķelsone (grade 11), Rudis Rūdolfs Zaurs (grade 11) and Kārlis Rorbahs (grade 12).

In Talsi Christian School’s Eurovision Song Contest Latvia was represented by group “F.L.Y.” (grade 4), group ”Aarzemnieki” (grade 7) and the new home-grown talent – Justs (grade 2a), who received a special sympathy prize. There were also other countries, that were on the big stage. With amusing performances singer Alf Poier (grade 9), and groups “Todomondo” (grade 6a) and “ABBA” (grade 5) were entertaining us. Attractive and colorful performances were prepared by Alexander Rybak (grade 6a), Verka Serduchka (Grade 11) and Daz Sampson (grade 2b).

Members of the jury – a photographer and artist Aivars Vilks, youth organizations activist Ināra Ņesterova and a musician Mārcis Felšs – ruled that the 1st place in group from grades 1 to 6 should won Latvian representatives of the “Pirates of The Sea” (grade 3) with their song “Wolves of the Sea”, while the song “Leto Svet” which was performed by Estonian musicians’ Kreisiraadio” (grade 8) should win the first place in group from grades 7 to 12. As guest artists in this year’s Pop – street there were all Russian’s favorite “Buranovskye Babushki” and Japanese comedian with colleagues who performed an Internet sensation – the song “Pen-pineapple-apple-pen”.

Talsi Christian Secondary School’s Eurovision song contest gave positive emotions, smiles and a chance to change the daily school’s routine to every student, teacher, staff member and guest.