Latvian Freedom Fighters’ Remembrance Day – Lāčplēsis Day 2019

On November 11 this year, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of victory over the West Russian Army commanded by Pavel Bermondt-Avalov in Riga. The annual illuminated torch procession led people across the Talsi from downtown to the monument «Koklētājs» to honor fallen soldiers, youth and volunteers who fought for an independent Latvia. This year, when the Latvian Army is celebrating its 100th anniversary, the making of the ceremony was entrusted to the Talsi Christian Secondary School’s students. The 10th grade symphonic band (teacher Jānis Smilga) and the 9th-12th class choir (teacher Kristīne Broka-Melķe) performed, but the event was moderated by the 11th grade student Abigaila Ieva Valgelina. The ceremonial speeches were given by Inguna Gruzniņa, the director of Talsi Christian Secondary School, Dainis Karols, the Chairman of Talsi County Council and Andris Pešelis, the pastor of Seventh-day Adventist Church.

«The Bible says that God gives times and borders for nations to live in, but a man does not live by bread alone. Even today, we need a bigger idea, and I think the big idea for my generation, my children’s generation and my grandchildren’s generation should be to preserve and protect Latvia’s freedom and independence. And we can only do that if we have strong families here that will root in their home country. God, bless Latvia!» Inguna Gruzniņa proudly announced, and all we have to do is agree.

Asnate Feldmane