Language day

09.02.2017 at 22:07

Can you imagine a day in a school, when students like everything, even the home works, but they don’t like the breaks?

This is Talsi Christian School’s Language day.

“I liked everything. There wasn’t a single thing that I didn’t like. I guess a very good idea was about the home work, in my opinion, it was a laugh and it united the collective.  Meanwhile, the workshops that were created by teachers, were both educational and gave a lot of joy.”

In the opening part of Language day, Ilze, the owner of Clown’s museum, was calling in the front of the stage the most talkative students to make them read some poems in an extraordinary language with a special device in the mouth. Next, each grade from 5 to 12 showed their home works “Country’s culture”. The audience was gladdened by the fiery dancers from Spain, but the bulls were challenged by the brave bullfighters from grade 5. Grades 9 and 10 created traditions and tourist favourite places of Egypt and India, but collective from grade 6a was trying to convince us that Italian pizza and pasta is the most delicious choice. The impressive and rounded sumo wrestlers, a popular musical hit, geishas “were coming” from grade 8, but mr. Bean, his famous teddy, the royal family, Justin Bieber and the famous tea drinking traditions were all perfectly reflected by grade 12. With magnificent dresses, fighting soldiers, facts about China and a dragon that was made by Daniela and her mum was appearing grade 7. A souvenir from Russia – a special Russian doll (made by Asnate’s mum) and a national dance called “Kalyinka” with Agnese’s six years old brother’s partake left no one indifferent. All home works were rated by a competent jury – school’s headmistress Inguna Gruzniņa and informatics teacher Vilnis Zarakauskis – and about the black African tribal members they both said: “Who knows, when we’ll have a chance to see people like these again!” Most students wrote in the reviews, that “home works united the class”. “I suddenly got the courage to perform, because at the beginning I didn’t want to, but later I got over my fears.”

The next activity of this day – seven workshops. “I really like the German workshop “Breczel”. We made the salty pretzels. They were so tasty!” “Poetess Maija Laukmane were telling much about poetry, the types of poetry and how to create it.” “I would like to be able to visit more activities, because it was hard to decide where to go, because I wanted to go to all of them.” “I liked the worshop that I was in, because we had calligraphy, and I was able to study how to write differently than on a daily basis. Thanks, Santa!” “Teachers had planned everything really great. It was interesting to larn about different countries.” “I got to know the culture of Ukraine. If I had to tell about it now, I could do it without any problems. Thanks to Jūlija, the mom of Jans and Jana.” “In the Great Britain’s workshop I especially liked to work in groups and taste different foods.” “I got to know that people from Great Britain like tea with biscuits, I also learnt how the sandwich was made, but in Africa there are about 2000 languages.” “I really didn’t like the breaks, because I didn’t know what to do then.” “I liked that all the workshops were so different.”

Next, all grades were watching a movie in cinema “Auseklis”. “I guess that movie was another great idea. If Language day will be next year too, the movie should be kept as a tradition.”

In the end, ater the presentations of all workshops, each grade got their diploma and delicious prizes. While slowly tasting them and talking about the previous day, students understood that they didn’t even want to go home.