How to help

Ways to be involved:

  1. Pray for TKS teachers, staff, and students—that God would grant them strong faith, wisdom, greatefulness, and continued obedience.
  2. Participate in the summer orphan camps.
  3. Participate in the summer youth camps.
  4. Participate in Christian leadership conference during fall and spring break
  5. Donate specific items for school use.
  6. Support TKS teacher and staff salaries.
  7. Participate in VBS.
  8. Donate for the building project.


  1. Orphan Camp 7 days (summer)
  2. Handicap Children’s meeting 1 per month
  3. Handicap Adult’s meeting 1 per month
  4. Discipleship Camp 5 days (summer)
  5. Christian Youth camp 6 days (summer)
  6. Children’s church service 1 per month
  7. Christian Leadership conference for high school students of TCS (fall)