Teachers’ Day 2019

10.10.2019 at 08:21

On October 4th, our school hosted Teachers’ Day events. The students in each class had come up with interesting and creative ways to spend time with teachers within one lesson. Students from grade 1 congratulated their teacher Ginita Petrovica with wishes attached to bright and colorful maple leaves. Grade 2 and 3 students greetes their teachers Ligita Treimane and Guntra Jansone with questions about their childhood, favorite subjects and other questions of interest to children. Grade 4 congratulated their teacher Sigeta Naudiņa with apricot muffins and other homemade gifts. Grade 5b students greeted their teacher Linda Brunava with a theatrical exclamation, while grade 5b students greeted their beloved teacher Santa Krūmiņa with roses and songs the children had learned. Grade 6a allowed their teacher Gundega Paure to play the role of a real lady with a fan and a hat for a moment, but grade 6b delighted teacher Anita Orehova with cookies, juice and candles. Grade 7 students tested their teacher’s Kristīne Vecbērza’s wit with tricky questions. Grade 8 had provided champagne and marshmallows to enjoy while watching the movie with their teacher Anda Bernāte. Grade 9a teacher Lienīte Gūtmane was introduced to the tasting of different meals, while grade 9b entertained their teacher Edgars Kviesis with questions and puzzles. Teachers Alla Ankmane and Sigita Rathena enjoyed elaborate cocktails and travel videos together with grade 10. Kristīne Neifelde, the teacher of grade 11, was greeted with a theatrical performance and various games. Students of grade 12 delighted teachers Vilnis Zarakauskis and Aija Valgelina with tea, chocolate cake and heart-warming conversations about life.

After these events in school, all teachers went to celebrate the holiday outside the school.

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Autumn’s Market 2019

29.09.2019 at 20:09

On September 27, our school hosted the annual Autumn’s Market, where students from first to fifth grade traded home-made treats, jewelry and other surprises. Heroes of the fairy tale by Anna Brigadere, princess Zeltīte and Sprīdītis, came to greet the small merchants, who sang songs about autumn gifts – mushrooms, berries and rhubarb. When the market was officially open, the hallways of the school cheered and chattered from the children’s laughter. 6th-12th grade pupils, teachers, staff members, parents and, of course, the participants themselves went to buy the treats with the boxes and bags they had brought.

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School Parliament Night of Ideas 2019

20.09.2019 at 19:53

School Parliament’s chairman Emīlija Estere Panteļejeva (in the middle), her deputy Niks Grosbahs (on the left) and secretary Niks Feifers (on the right).

At the start of the new school year, the School Parliament has also returned to its work. On September 13, the annual School Parliament Night of Ideas took place, where all of the school’s hard-working and active students were appointed to very important positions. Emīlija Estere Panteļejeva, a 12th grade student, was elected the new School Parliament’s chairman and Niks Grosbahs (11th grade) became her deputy. Niks Feifers (grade 10) will serve as a secretary this year. During the School Parliament Night of Ideas, there was a mutual fellowship among the youngsters, and the first ideas of the festivities and events were already told. The School Parliament is already planning events for the nearest future, so this year could also be creative and eventful.

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August 2016

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Summer Time!

Talsi Christian School has finished the school year and soon another one shall begin! God has blessed us with a beautiful summer filled with serving in camps and experiencing changed lives, as fruit of being obedient to Jesus’ command: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, Matew 28:19.


unnamed1The first camp on our list was Vacation Bible School (VBS) camp. Bro. Mike Heim from First Baptist Church of White Oak, TX brought a team, and for a week, along with the youth of Talsi Christian School, we had camp for students of TCS grades 1-6. Since TCS is growing this was the biggest VBS camp: 140 people total, which is the maximum amount of people we can host at TCS, due to the limited space. Bible stories, crafts, music with motions and even sports taught kids about the Armor of God; how to defeat Satan and be victorious in Jesus. At the end of the camp during the church service many kids gave their lives to Jesus – what a day it was!!!! This is the camp where relationships between TCS high school students and primary school students are built; parents are thankful to American Christians for providing such wonderful camp. We thank and pray to God that we will be able to grow students in their walk with God during next school year.

Orphan Camp

unnamed2The second camp was the Orphan camp – this was our 21st summer!!! It was a miracle that we had this camp, because people who were initially planning the camp had to cancel. Then 2 faithful families stepped in: The Sheridans from White Oak Community Church and The Middletons from Wildwood Community Church of Norman, OK and a young girl Magan Shalea from Lovelady Baptist Church Ada, OK – 8 people total did the camp! I was proud of students and graduates of Talsi Christian School who came and helped! The school cooks need a big shout out, they had our back through the entire summer, making sure the camps were always properly fed.

Celebrating Youth!

unnamed3The third camp was the Youth camp: Seko Man (Follow me!) We celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Youth Camp! Brent and Karen Cooper from Lamar Baptist Church, Arlington, TX responded to God’s call to start the camp. This camp was set into motion through prayer; 12 years ago I saw that the majority of our students came from non-Christian families. I wanted somebody to teach them about the Bible and the core principles of leading a life fulfilled through God. Then after two years of praying and seeking answers, Brent and Karen asked: “Why not us..?!”

These 10 years have left tremendous impact on the lives of young people in Latvia. Because of these camps, several of students have chosen to go into the ministry and many lives have been changed for eternity with Christ! Just one quick story: Jurgis was the classmate of my daughter Zane and he graduated in 2005. He went to military school – he is a sapper (Combat Engineer). When he was a student at TCS, he was a great student: kind, obedient, participated in camps, – he had heard it all!
In the Youth camp at night in the gym of TCS we have evangelistic church services – bro. Bryan Sloan from The Fields Church, Arlington TX does an outstanding job preaching and we invite community people to these services. It just happened that Jurgis came… And he got saved! The seeds sown in the past have produced fruit once again.
We as believers are called to witness and serve – the ways are different. I am so thankful to God that He is using Talsi Christian School and Christians around the world to change lives for Christ in small country of Latvia!

Fellowship, Accomplishments & Prayer Requests!

unnamed4Another highlight of our summer was the visit of Choir of Singing Women of Oklahoma to TCS. Oklahoma Baptist Convention has official partnership with Baptist Convention of Latvia. So, 140 women came to Latvia to serve with worship songs and testimonies! It was very special: the choir that has sung in large Cathedrals and in Carnegie Hall in NY, sang in the gym of TCS. The ladies did a fantastic job. The gym was packed and I thanked God for the opportunity to introduce our guests with the Ministry of Talsi Christian School.
Very special moment in the fellowship was when we joined hands and prayed for new addition of TCS. We are still in a process of raising funds for the addition. The building laws in Latvia were changed on the 1st of July. Schools are considered the 3rd category buildings, along with hospitals and architects must have a special certificate to design these type of buildings. The architects TCS has used in the past don’t have such certificate, so we have to look for more experienced and qualified Architect Company in Riga. Please, join us in prayer for addition of TCS! If you would like to donate for the building project, you can do it online: go to www.413foundation.org, check out our webpage and help us to fulfill the dream of enlarging the boarders of the Ministry of TCS!
Just recently, Talsi Christian School was acknowledged as the # 5 School academically in the country of Latvia! We praise God for it! We have hard working teachers and good students! What a blessing!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Thank you again and again for your prayers and support to the Ministry of Talsi Christian School! We live in a very unsecure world right now, but while doors are open for the Gospel in our country, please, help us keep the doors of our Ministry open!
May God bless and keep you safe!

Inguna Gruznina,
The Principal of Talsi Christian School

Donations can be sent to:
Talsi Christian School fund
4:13 Ministries
PO Box 202556
Arlington, TX 76006

Lamar Baptist Church
Att. Lynne Parra
1000 W. Lamar Blvd.
Arlington, TX 760

May 2015

19.10.2015 at 19:45

School Year Coming to an End

newslettersImage1School year at Talsi Christian School is coming to the end and we thank God for a blessed year! Our students have done really well academically. We just celebrated our Scholastic Achievement night – students who have received awards in regional and national subject competitions as well as their parents were honored in a special celebration. We honored 92 students, which is 1/3 of our total student body. We thank God for every one of them!

Our country needs Christian leaders and our school teaches them to become such. As we know from Mark 9:25: “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.” so, we encourage our students to serve and help others. Since our buildings are the only truly handicapped accessible facilities in town, we invite handicapped seniors for a meal and fellowship; it is an opportunity to share Jesus with them and reach out.

Serving Our Community

newslettersImage2Our students have developed a long-term relationship with children of Kakishi orphanage and the boarding school of our neighbor region. Many of these children come to our Orphan camp in the summer. Once a month TCS students go there to put on a program, share their faith, pray, play with kids and do spiritual teachings in small groups. It is a special time for both parties, – orphans and disabled kids from the boarding school meet
new friends and learn about Jesus but our students have opportunity to share and serve and actually to see the other side of life… and they learn not to take things for granted and appreciate God’s blessings in their life like… a family and a Christian school…

Camp Preparation

newslettersImage3We are getting ready for the upcoming summer camps. We will have VBS: June 15- 19. Bro Mike Heims of Baptist Church of White Oak, TX is bringing a team to lead the camp. Orphan camp will be June 21 – 25; Bro. Bruce Hess of Wildwood Community Church, Norman, OK is bringing a team for this camp and The Youth camp is planned for June 27 – July. Brent and Karen Cooper; members of Lamar Baptist church Arlington, TX are bringing a team to lead the camp. Our youth will be small group leaders, interpreters and helpers in the camps and I am already excited what great things God will accomplish through these camps.

TCS is Growing and We Need Your Support

We started Talsi Christian School in September with 37 students, grades 1-4; it was and still is the only handicapped accessible Christian School in Latvia. Today we have 265 students, grades 1-12 and God willing we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of TCS this October. TCS has built an excellent reputation academically – we have been recognized as # 1 school academically four years ago and last year we were in the second place in the nation. TCS is known for its fair rules, students who are Christians and in most cases make honorable choices. Parents, though many of them are not Christians, want their children to attend Talsi Christian School. There was a young mother in my office enrolling her little girl for the first grade at TCS and she said: “I want my girl to have what your students have…”

NewslettersImage4Talsi Christian School has outgrown its facilities. We started TCS in two several hundred years old buildings; in 1999 we finished the first addition with cafeteria and junior high classes; in 2005 we finished handicapped accessible high school building and gym. In order to accomplish the last building project we had to raise about a million USD and I thought we would never need to build again!

The years have passed by and there are 52 applications for the first grade for next school year. I can only accept 44, as that is the total student count for two first grade classes given the size limitations of 22 students per class. We are simply out of room for the year 2016/2017. In addition to that, our government has emphasized the need for schools to focus on sciences, which requires more lab area for students to perform the state required work associated with the requirements.

This new addition would allow us to put chemistry, biology, and physics classrooms and labs in a new addition; we would do some remodeling in the existing buildings, adding more showers, cloakrooms and bathrooms for camps. The main accomplishment is that we would have the ability to accept more students at TCS, giving them opportunity to learn about Jesus and reach out to their families.

Since we are situated in the center of town, we have a small piece of land to put the new addition on, so it will be a two-story building with the basement floor, as well. We have started the fund raising campaign and we have to raise $1,000,000 USD. Architects are finishing up the blue prints and we hope to break the ground late this summer in order to complete the building by September 1, 2016.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Thank you so much for your prayers and support – our doors stay open because of your faithfulness!

Please, continue to pray for TCS and our ministries – we are like a light house in a very secular post – inherited soviet society, but because of this school there are many souls saved and lives impacted for His Kingdom!

May God bless and protect you!

Inguna Gruznina,
The Principal of Talsi Christian School