Teacher’s day

13.10.2016 at 19:35

On the 7th of October our school was celebrating Talsi Christian Secondary School’s Olympic games/Teacher’s day. Teachers and staff members were raffling one of the olympic sports, which was also their dresscode. All the participants were divided by groups and then they had to visit several checkpoints, where different tasks were waiting for them. After long orienteering through Talsi, all the participants were welcomed to fellowship house of Talsi Evangelical Lutheran Church. There were beautifully laid tables, peaceful atmosphere and students that were ready to pamper all the teachers and staff members. During the evening students from TCS were giving musical performances to grant unforgettable emotions to all the teachers and staff members.

Thanksgiving church services

11.10.2016 at 18:32

On the 6th of October Talsi Christian school was celebrating two Thanksgiving church services. The first church service was held by students from grades 1 to 5. Priest Miervaldis Lindmanis from Talsi Baptist church was speaking to them. Each grade made their own performance in the church service together with music teacher Gatis Jugāns.
The second church service was for students from grades 6 to 12 and priest Ilmārs Ģērmanis from Talsi Christian Fellowship was speaking to them. There was a choir from TCS that sang songs, and this choir was held by Emīlija Panteļejeva from grade 9. Students Agate Kniploka from grade 12 and Kristiāna Sniedziņa from grade 11 were giving their personal, inspirational testimonies about how God is working in their lives.

Autumn Market

03.10.2016 at 17:08

On September 29 at school we had Autumn Market, where kids from grades 1 to 4 were satisfying buyers with homemade treats.
The market was opened by Gardener and Pumpkin that were giving kids some tricky puzzles about autumn.
They were also giving awards to grades in different nominations.
The buyers were students from eldest grades, teachers, staff, parents and other interested persons. Thanks to the students and parents from grades 1 to 4 for all the prepared goods!

International Olympic day

23.09.2016 at 17:04

On September 23, Talsi Christian Secondary school was celebrating the International Olympic day. All the students were divided by colors and each grade had its own color. The Olympic day started with a march from our school to Lake Vilkmuižas, and than we were all running around the lake. The run was opened by first grade running together with twelfth grade. After all the students and teachers had finished the distance, they made “the olympic circles” where each grade was standing, again divided by their Olympic colors. When everybody had found the right place to stand, Krista (12th grade) and Luanda (11th grade) invited us to do the Olympic gymnastics together. Thanks to every teacher that was participating together with the grade. Also – big thanks to both teachers Edgars Kviesis and Anete Ankmane for the creative approach and a well-organized event.

The general meeting of parents

20.09.2016 at 17:06

On the 15th of October in school there was happening the general meeting of parents. In the beginning there was a musical performance given by the music teacher Gatis Jugāns and students Marta and Agnese from grade 6b. Parents were speaked to by Mārcis Zīverts, the Baptist minister of Priekule, who shared his life experience. Then the teachers presented the education groups by interest which students will have the chance to participate in this year. Afterwards the parental council was elected. This years parental council consists of one parent from each grade. Several meetings will be held between the council and the principal to talk about the topical in school and to jointly work for the development of the school environment.