Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School 2015After starting the youth camp the principal of Talsi Christian School Inguna Gruznina realized that students of TCS grades 1-6 are „left behind” – students from 7th-12ve grade can participate in the Youth camp and become leaders at The Orphan camps, but younger kids do not have an opportunity for a Christian camp during the summer. These kids mainly come from non Christian families.

During a time of prayer God was choosing bro. Mike Heims and the family of Baptist Church of White Oak to organize the Vacation Bible School at Talsi Christian School during the summer. In the summer of 2015 we held the 5th VBS and the kids of TCS LOVE it! It is a great time to learn about Jesus and the Bible through music, sports activities and games. VBS leaves a long lasting impact on the relationships of students of TCS, because the elder students of TCS are the group leaders of VBS. Vacation Bible School 2015During the camp they develop friendships that last throughout the following school year. For the older students it is their responsibility to act as an example for the younger students during the school year and it really has worked! If you would like to become a part of the Mission team for VBS in the summer of 2016, contact Mike Heims at Mike Heims Pastor, Baptist Church of White Oak 903-241-4723;